Donnerstag, 27. Oktober 2011

skipping class

Another chilly dayd all Bahar any myself wanna do is go home, drink hot chocolate and watch Gossip girl…(our new guilty pleasure)..haha! -.- , hey but look at the bright side; at least I had my emus to generate enough heat to keep me warm from the trashy weather…..

Blazer H&M,T-shirt ZARA, Jeans H&M,Boots EMU, Scarf H&M

Dienstag, 11. Oktober 2011

The trench coat ^^

Weather wasn’t so good today,all I wanted to do was curl up in bed with some soft music at the background or something..haha but nope,I had to leave my house,I had to go out,take care of my ususal stuff.It wasn’t that bad though,..i had my trench coat!!!

Mittwoch, 28. September 2011


I KNOW!!who knew getting a teddy bear at the age of 78 would be so awesome right??? Yes! Our very own Karl Lagerfeld made it be he coolest thing EVER!!!

Ladies and gentlemen Meet HAUTE TEDDY!! The best dressed and most famous teddy bear in the history of fashion. The 40cm Karl Lagerfeld bear made of soft alpaca is no doubt our fashion guru’s  doppelganger. The bear wears black sunshades from the “Lagerfeld Eyewear” collection ,Karl’s typical Pope line-shirt with a high standup collar and a button placket in Trompe-l´oeil-optik. Patina-jeans and a whooljacket from Lagerfeld’s  own Atelier based in Paris.

Mind you  this one of a kind teddy is a limited edition!!! About 2500 of them were created worldwide but guess what..that doesn’t stop me from hoping I could own one of those…for those interested,1000euros would be about enough to own your very own  haute teddy

                                                           Xoxo Bahar&T’neeya

Mittwoch, 21. September 2011

Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

shopping day

boots BERSHKA 
Eigentlich wollte ich (Bahar) ja garnicht da rein, aber ich konnte nicht einfach vorbeigehen...ich hätte mir sonst Vorwürfe gemacht! Also bin ich einfach rein, schnurschracks zu den Accessoires....und da waren sie! Meine Traumschuhe!!! Ich konnte nicht anders! Ich musste es tun! Kennt ihr das, wenn ihr ganz genau wisst, dass etwas falsch ist?! aber ihr müsst es tun!? Einmal anprobiert, bezahlt und weg! Mein Portemonnaie war leer, aber mein Herz gefüllt mit Freude!
Zu Hause ist mir aber erst klar geworden, dass ich alle Schuhe eine Nummer zu klein gekauft hab :( ( Ihr kennt das ja sicherlich, das Sockenproblem! im Winter braucht man immer alle Stiefel eine Nummer größer.) Aber ich werde mich reinzwängen, weil eine Nummer größer einfach nicht mehr schön aussieht...
Jetzt steh ich zu Hause vor meinen Stiefeln und warte auf schlechtes Wetter :P

Truth is I (Bahar) wasn’t exactly planning on going in...but again, I couldn’t just pass by like nothing happened...It was like is something happened...BERSHKA happened, something pulled me in and so I did..I got in. Accessories, great deco and there they Dream Pair...there was no other way, you guys know it right? like when something is really wrong but in your heart u know u cant do otherwise?? I tried them on and bought them without even blinking left...yeah credit card was empty but my heart was filled with joy...haha!
so I got home, and then it hit me!!...all the boots I got were a size the winter u actually have to get a size bigger so your thick socks could fit in...but WHO CARES!! sometimes a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do right.
Now all I gotta do is chill at home with my Bershka boots and wait for bad weather...