Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011

Sunny Days..:)

Hey guys!!
!Today was sooooo sunnnyyyyy..I want it to be like this forever!!!lol..
Ok back to fashion,
I personally think this is the perfect look for a sunny day ..
:D..The t-shirt and skirt, all from MANGO are a perfect match, and beautifully go with the safari chain from H&M..;)
Wait! Does anyone out there love these shoes?  the heel,those visible hem lines…j’adore..;)..that pretty bag is from ADAGIO!!..lol
So ,for those looking for that perfect balance between trendy and comfortable..this is the look!..;)

in to the blue...

Blake Lively at the Elle Style Awards 2011

Uma Thurman in Cannes 2011

Keri Hilson at the Grammy Award

Jessica Alba at the BAFTAs 2011

 Ok let me start by saying how gorgeous these ladies look…
 Blake lively: Absolutely stunning,
 Uma Thurman: I want that body!
 Jessica alba : always representing..;)
And Keri Hilson…the asymmetrical hair, that skin,and those legs!!!!!!
As you all know blue is one of the colours you cannot avoid this spring/summer…be it sea blue, navy blue, sky blue, baby blue…your choice ladies..;)…we love it cuz its fresh , its bold, beautiful its ELECTRIC!


Montag, 23. Mai 2011

Je ne sais pas...

Trench ZARA, dress ZARA, shoes N.Y.L.A

sometimes in life you do things without having a reason just cuz you feel like it....well today it was relatively warm but i just had to carry my trench coat along.....again...je ne sais pas.

Freitag, 6. Mai 2011

one CLUTCH at a time..;)

Must haves people MUST haves..aint no better way to portray that exact   amount of softness,sexiness and class,be it in bold colours like the orange one above or in exotic skins like leather,croc,snake or more....


2011 costume institute gala

Anna Wintour , Chefin der am. Vogue lädt jedes Jahr die Stars und Sternchen zu einer Charité Gala ein. Dieses Jahr erstrahle das New Yorker Metropolitan Museum of Arts im großen Glanz der prominenten Gäste. Designer wie Karl Lagerfeld, Models und Stars erschienen in den schönsten Roben.
Die Gala war gleichzeitig der Auftakt zur Ausstellung "Alexander Mc Queen: Savage Beauty" (engl wilde Schönheit). 
Wir haben euch die schönsten Outfits des Abends zusammengestellt:


Every year,Anna Wintour,CEO of Am.Vogue,invites celebrities from every angle to a charity gala.well this year....the New Yorker metropolitan museum of arts shone with glamour and sophistication.Outstanding fashion designers and icons like karl Lagerfeld and others  murdered the runway with their  breath taking outfits,and priceless accessories.
The gala held hands with the Alexander Mcqueen exhibition "savage beauty"... Runway Murder brings to you  the fashion ups of the night...


Tom Brady with Gisele Bündchen, in Alexander McQueen

Madonna, in Stella McCartney

Jay-Z; with Beyoncé, in Emilio Pucci. 

Sarah Jessica Parker, in Alexander McQueen

Blake Lively, in Chanel Haute Couture, with Karl Lagerfeld, in Tom Ford. 

Gwyneth Paltrow, in Stella McCartney

Rihanna, in Stella McCartne

Ashley Greene, in custom Donna Karan

Naomi Watts, in Stella McCartney

Zoe Saldana, in Calvin Klein Collection

Isabel Lucas, in Louis Vuitton

Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

beautiful spring days

It’s a lovely Wednesday afternoon and Bahar and I decided to skip school…it felt great!..haha…no seriously it did feel great?
We literally went everywhere looking for all kinds of material from lace to linen to silk to prints, for our end of semester project…still working on my concept cuz my prof hated the last one I came up with….yup,the life of aspiring designers…but yea back to FASHION!
So! Is it just us or do ya’ll feel great about spring..we are definitely loving the first spring days..:D, in case anyone out there is wondering where Bahar got her Bag, New Yorker(soo cute)…she got like a thousand bags..;)..as for my blazer…I know, lol the colour..but I love love love it..I think my chucks were a gud choice..Considering how tall I am heels would have taken that casual look  away..:D…got it from Zara by the way..;)u can get it in pink and many other colours..