Donnerstag, 5. Mai 2011

beautiful spring days

It’s a lovely Wednesday afternoon and Bahar and I decided to skip school…it felt great!..haha…no seriously it did feel great?
We literally went everywhere looking for all kinds of material from lace to linen to silk to prints, for our end of semester project…still working on my concept cuz my prof hated the last one I came up with….yup,the life of aspiring designers…but yea back to FASHION!
So! Is it just us or do ya’ll feel great about spring..we are definitely loving the first spring days..:D, in case anyone out there is wondering where Bahar got her Bag, New Yorker(soo cute)…she got like a thousand bags..;) for my blazer…I know, lol the colour..but I love love love it..I think my chucks were a gud choice..Considering how tall I am heels would have taken that casual look  away..:D…got it from Zara by the way..;)u can get it in pink and many other colours..


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