Mittwoch, 28. September 2011


I KNOW!!who knew getting a teddy bear at the age of 78 would be so awesome right??? Yes! Our very own Karl Lagerfeld made it be he coolest thing EVER!!!

Ladies and gentlemen Meet HAUTE TEDDY!! The best dressed and most famous teddy bear in the history of fashion. The 40cm Karl Lagerfeld bear made of soft alpaca is no doubt our fashion guru’s  doppelganger. The bear wears black sunshades from the “Lagerfeld Eyewear” collection ,Karl’s typical Pope line-shirt with a high standup collar and a button placket in Trompe-l´oeil-optik. Patina-jeans and a whooljacket from Lagerfeld’s  own Atelier based in Paris.

Mind you  this one of a kind teddy is a limited edition!!! About 2500 of them were created worldwide but guess what..that doesn’t stop me from hoping I could own one of those…for those interested,1000euros would be about enough to own your very own  haute teddy

                                                           Xoxo Bahar&T’neeya

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